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Mar 04

History Of The Dumpster

By Thomas Duke | Dumpster , Massachusetts , Rental

The name of the dumpster was first used in 1936; it originally came from the name Dumpster, two brothers who invent the system of loading the contents into garbage trucks. The first dumpster was designed in Knoxville as mechanical arms. It was kind like the front-loading receptacle that we use these days.

Where the word dumpster comes from?

Dumpster HistoryThe word itself refers to any large metal waste, and there is a wide variety of so many different ones. However, the actual dumpster is a proper brand name. You won’t be able to find them in Australia for example. They are also known by their nick name “wheelie bin” or “skips.” They represent one of the most useful things in the past 90 years. They have been more than helpful, especially in cleaning maintenance.

A dumpster was an inspiration to the creation of a lot of others front loader containers. Ever since it has been introduced to the world junk hauling process became easier. The main reason for its creation was to provide a cleaner environment for all. Thus, we can certainly claim that brothers Dumpster succeed in this intention.

When did the idea of enclosed dumpster appear?

Last year was the 100the anniversary year of a garbage truck. These trucks began with horses and the pulling cars. The first modified version came in 1908. In 1920 the idea of enclosed trash truck was born. Thanks to this patent we have clean streets nowadays and entire organization that makes sure your trash are removed on the same day every week.
Dumpster History

Next time when you through away your garbage on the street think twice and respect the idea that is older than you. Keep your streets clean and through it always in the dumpster, your environment will be thankful. After all, it will be better to you because you will make your place a better place for living.